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Date: 2005-12-27 00:54:39.922814
Chapter Name: nclug
Meeting: nclug 2005-12-27
Body: Got to the hackathon a little late, but I stayed late too ;-) Did some more work on pymon, chatted with jafo about various, sundry, diverse and fun projects. Projects not nearly as redundant as those adjectives... I spent most of the time though testing darcs, specifically, migrating from svn to darcs. Distributed repositories has become essential now. However, I may keep the svn repos as the "master", with a local darcs "mirror" that I would create with tailor. I would use the repos solely, create other remote copies and run tailer in a cron to update svn nightly with all the darcs changes (and another cron to sync all the darcs repos).

Date: 2005-06-08 00:31:52.643564
Chapter Name: nclug
Meeting: nclug 2005-06-07
Body: Worked on pymon some more, making good progress on the refactor. Moved monitor (twisted factory) created out of the main tac file and into an "engines" file, since the way the factories are created will affect the application as a whole, and for different tunings, different ways of creating the factories will be used. I also started to stub out the code for HTTP status checks and HTTP text checks. If I wasn't so busy with paying work, the next pymon release would be out already. Such is life.

Date: 2005-04-06 11:06:50.943970
Chapter Name: nclug
Meeting: nclug 2005-04-05
Body: I didn't physicallty make the meeting last night, but got a tremendous amount done on PyKon (Python Ikon), the image gallery application I am working on in Nevow. There's no good python image gallery application out there, and PyKon is an attempt to address this issue. Here's the sourceforge site: http://pykon.sf.net And here's the developer site: http://projects.adytum.us/tracs/PyKon Here are the svn commit comments from last night (most recent comments are last): * Added Gallery and Album classes to pykon.images as well as updated the Image class to store data in specified directories. * Created configuation file, data structures, and class. * Updated setup.py and INSTALL. * Renamed pykon.images to pykon.storage. * Renamed forms.IImage to forms.IUploadImage. * Warning: with these changes, PyKon is now broken. Until the management/viewing URL scheme is hammered out, there will be no way to pass the gallery names and album names, and thus the form(s) will not work until this is fixed. * Added a template for the root of the site. * Started creating children and new root in pykon.pages. * Added pykon.forms.IManageGlobal. * Added pykon.storage.IGalleries and storage.Gallery. * Fixed setup.py to install templates. * Updated TODO file. * Added a sandbox with the Nevow uploaded example in it. * Made changes to the sandbox to write files to an arbitrary directory. There were no issues in doing this. This has led me to the conclusion that the broken stuff in the gallery creation has to do with the way the data store stuff is setup for the gallery.

Date: 2005-03-23 10:15:06.696921
Chapter Name: nclug
Meeting: nclug 2005-03-22
Body: Today I finished the subversion plugin for supybot. All project commits are now posted to #adytum on irc.freenode.net. This was quite an adventure and I learned a tremendous about. I also started work on a new project: PyKon, Python Ikon -- a python gallery and image management application. It uses Nevow for the front end.

Date: 2004-11-17 10:48:53.548844
Chapter Name: nclug
Meeting: NCLUG 2004-11-16
Body: Working on a python wrapper for rrd (oo python-rrdtool), rrd export/import troubleshooting (for moving rrds across platforms). Got a whirlwind tour of JOTWeb; Sean's done lots of cool stuff with that. I look forward to running it on a project. Got a copy of Sean's clever script for updating tummy.com journal entries. I would like to use that as a basis for doing something similar for my own systems, maybe throwing in parts of mesozoic's pickle/vi editor and some of the bits in fzZzy's openit.py. I love clever little scipts like that... being a command line junkie, they are not only aesthetically delightful, but immensly useful. Learned that: the Greens have raised enough money for an Ohio recount (go Greens! raise hell!); Irregular Webcomic exists and is hilarious; there's such a thing as PearPC and you can install OS X on x86 with it; and finally, that the Hacking Society just generally r0x0rz ur b0x0rz.