nclug nclug 2005-12-27 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: jafo
Date: 2005-12-27 02:27:50.603906
Body: Made an htmlfill extension to JOTWeb and created a test form using it. htmlfill is a great Python module by Ian Bicking that will take HTML describing a form, and a dictionary of values and errors, and fill in the "value" fields, and also display any errors in the form. This will make the form paper-path in JOTWeb2 much easier to deal with. I tried helping efm with getting her rowing machine working under Linux, but didn't have much success. Kicked some ass at Katamari Deathmatch. Set up a Linux-HA cluster to test out Linux-HA version 2, but failed, possibly because of segfaults in the cluster resource manager.

User: oubiwann
Date: 2005-12-27 00:54:39.922814
Body: Got to the hackathon a little late, but I stayed late too ;-) Did some more work on pymon, chatted with jafo about various, sundry, diverse and fun projects. Projects not nearly as redundant as those adjectives... I spent most of the time though testing darcs, specifically, migrating from svn to darcs. Distributed repositories has become essential now. However, I may keep the svn repos as the "master", with a local darcs "mirror" that I would create with tailor. I would use the repos solely, create other remote copies and run tailer in a cron to update svn nightly with all the darcs changes (and another cron to sync all the darcs repos).