nclug 20020312 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: Doug Holland
Date: 2002-03-12 23:00:00
Body: Got the i-Opener set up. Researched Spam Assassin, is going to set that up on his mail account.

User: Evelyn Mitchell
Date: 2002-03-12 23:00:00
Body: Answering her e-mail. Not writing a proposal. Cleaned up her home directory again. Didn't get anything software-related done.

User: jafo
Date: 2002-03-12 23:00:00
Body: Dorked way too long on getting the wireless access point set up. Set it up in bridged mode since we have had so many problems with the NAT mode. I guess that was before I upgraded the firmware on it, so I should probably try that again. Particularly since Charles set up a machine on one of the IPs we had been using before. Made a patch to CIPE to fix the Protcol 4 problems I was having where it would report "got short packet". The nice thing protocol 4 in CIPE is that it's a real net interface, not a PTP interface, and you can bridge over it. ("My favorite"). Helped Charles figure out how to delete a file he couldn't delete which a script kiddie had placed on his machine. "chattr" is the word. Dorked some on the hacking society web-site. Set up my first ZClass, and am trying to get it to auto catalog. No luck on that one yet though.

User: Keith Cereal
Date: 2002-03-12 23:00:00
Body: Working on user-space USB tools. Resolved some kernel panic issues.

User: Michael Lewis
Date: 2002-03-12 23:00:00
Body: Three tutorials that show how to set up an attachment, but they don't work. He's trying to set up his own tutorial on how to do it now that he has it working.

User: scoth
Date: 2002-03-12 23:00:00
Body: Working on Perl, researching Python a little bit (so we'd stop giving him shite :-).