nclug nclug 2006-05-30 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: jafo
Date: 2006-05-30 22:46:20.479196
Body: Helping Scott install new versions of DRBD on some boxes. Showing off the Nokia 770 hand-held thing. Researching some external RAID systems and writing a report for a client. Setting up Jeffrey to have access to the FRPythoneers web pages again. Trying to set up another OpenVPN connection for efm, but it was conflicting with my connection.

User: scoth
Date: 2006-05-31 00:33:42.920691
Body: Helped Andrea get her wireless connection setup. Did some email. Applied drbd updates to a high availability cluster with some help from jafo. Looked at pictures of keshounds with dangerjim and Andrea and then