nclug nclug 2005-11-15 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: ahs3
Date: 2005-11-15 21:58:19.043513
Body: Talked to jafo about OpenWRT; quoth he, "It rocks." Found root cause for a stupid conflict between Win2K, CUPS, and samba so the bloody printer will work at home. Did an update for the Debian numactl package and uploaded it to the queue. Poked at the libatomic-ops package for a bit, too. Then, of course, was read for a while.

User: jafo
Date: 2005-11-15 22:52:46.906376
Body: Talking to als about OpenWRT. Messing around with the IBM laptop fan control code that Kevin pointed me at. Seems to work ok, but it never really drops the fan speed off for me. Signing Jeff and Al Stone's keys. Writing a proposal for a client. Talking with David about digital I/O stuff. Sang "Susie and Debby Anne, here on Gilligans Isle..." Converting one of our CVS repositories to SVN.