nclug nclug 2005-08-02 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: jafo
Date: 2005-08-02 23:00:00.254081
Body: Signed up for AOL's "Feedback loop" so I know when their users report spam coming from our or our clients address blocks. Talking graphics cards with Brian and Jamie. Set up my laptop to dhcp/PXE boot so Brian could re-install grub on his laptop. Set up mailing list for the hackathon the end of next month. Chatting with people about just random stuff and the Hackathon.

User: scoth
Date: 2005-08-02 22:53:22.618930
Body: Organized messages about my FreeBSD port of heartbeat. Checked for a new version of heartbeat. Looked into ipvs, which was a suggested add to heartbeat support. Found some sites that sell PS2 network adaptors and Area-51 for pricing purposes. Updated some packages on my webserver. Talked about hackathon. Exim databases are generating error messages to cron every day on my webserver, so I reinstalled exim and related packages.