nclug nclug 2005-06-21 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: jafo
Date: 2005-06-21 22:58:17.530564
Body: Talking about thermodynamics. Yes, on purpose. Building a new Postfix RPM with PostgreSQL support enabled. Talking to Kevin about FC4 with his setup, and Brian about Ubuntu/Kbuntu. Contemplating switching to Ubuntu so that I don't have to do big upgrades every once in a while, but doing regular smaller upgrades. Could possibly get the same from Debian, though I suspect setting up the average desktop would be more work to do in Debian. Re-installing FC4 on a test box so I can test vPostMaster on it, again. Hopefully the last test. Got FC4 vPostMaster working. Looking over some portable audio players with Brian, he found a bunch that will play Ogg. Cool.

User: scoth
Date: 2005-06-21 23:00:40.967856
Body: Setup Fedora Core 4 http repository from CDROMs at home for use when upgrading my laptop. Setup PXE boot configuration file. Read some livejournal and