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User: angelo
Date: 2005-05-15 00:11:14.309707
Body: Spent time writing a little something on LaTeX: http://angelo.freeshell.org/computer/docs/latex.php

User: amk
Date: 2005-01-16 06:42:05.837335
Body: I arrived in the area early, but at venue late... hard to park in Bethesda. Note: Sat night in Bethesda != good time / place to meet. We talked about gathering more people for the meetings, and decided to leave the meeting schedule tentative until we can see who is coming and from where. We also talked about having more than one group since this is such a big area. We will contact other user groups, after we get an email set up, asking people to tell us what nights would be best for them (week day vs week end), where they are from, how far they are willing to go, etc. Two people (Angelo Bertolli, A.M. Kuchling) present. Locations: Where to meet? * Mr B. is in Gaithersburg MD; Mr K. is in Vienna VA * Various locations in DC have free hotspots * Several Fairfax libraries have meeting rooms available. + Public transport in Fairfax is very bad, though. * Arlington Library is near Ballston + Do you need to be an Arlington resident to use their space? * We probably can't decide on a location until there are more members and we know where everyone lives/works. * Could do meetings online via IRC or some other mechanism. Finding members * Local user groups * University CS department (B. can go to U. of MD; K. can go to GMU and GWU) Ideas for things to do: * Experimentation + B. would like to play with the Amoeba OS. (Some discussion of Amoeba, Python, & MOSIX ensued.) * Programming + B.'s project of a Pascal wrapper for SDL * Discussion group + Read books, articles, or papers. + Watch MIT's CS lectures * Learning languages + K. is interested in Lisp or OCaML. + e.g. we might read a chapter per month and do the exercises + Perhaps some members will already have projects in a language of interest. Actions * Record minutes and post them. (Done.) * Set up introductory web page for group * Too early to bother setting up a mailing list -- wait until we have more members * Send notice of group to local Linux lists, & anywhere else we think of