nclug 20020129 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: Barbara Hayes
Date: 2002-01-29 23:00:00
Body: Got an SSH client installed on her Mac. Worked on lots of new changes to the web-site. Check it out, it looks great.

User: Evelyn Mitchell
Date: 2002-01-29 23:00:00
Body: Taking notes on refactoring things for Bicycle Repair-Man. Working on some documents and strategies and recommendations for the project.

User: Ines MM Silva
Date: 2002-01-29 23:00:00
Body: Installed KRUD on her machine. Unfortunately it had a totally crappy video adapter, so she couldn't actually RUN it to do anything useful (to her). Spent the rest of the meeting writing on paper.

User: jafo
Date: 2002-01-29 23:00:00
Body: Set up a "" site, so that we could work on changes without breaking the main pages. Helped Barb with getting some changes done on the web-site.