nclug nclug 2005-07-05 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: jamiel
Date: 2005-07-05 22:54:40.645578
Body: Read up on Samba and Kerberos

User: scoth
Date: 2005-07-05 22:56:59.920724
Body: I reinstalled my backup server over the weekend (FreeBSD 5.3 to CentOS 4.1), worked on reinstituting nightly backups on the rest of my systems. Tried to apply a patch to a FreeBSD router to fix up a problem with DMA_TIMEOUTS causing kernel panics, but though I could get the patch to apply, it wouldn't compile correctly. Built and installed a new FreeBSD kernel for that system with latest security updates applied, updated zebra package. Figured out what I was doing wrong in setting up the vpostmaster debian repository earlier today, tested the new 1.14 release on a testing system.