nclug 20011211 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: Bryan Stillwell
Date: 2001-12-11 23:00:00
Body: I spent some time working on getting divx working on ppc linux using ffmpeg and mplayer, with a small bit of progress. The plans are to eventually turn one of my home computers into a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). However, as Evelyn pointed out the project is on shaky legal ground, so I'm working on a new project idea for the society...

User: jafo
Date: 2001-12-11 23:00:00
Body: I worked on ideas for the web-site, and some code for submitting hosts to ORBZ. I also pestered Matt Taggart to officially sanction this as the NCLUG Hacking Society. I was shocked to find that was available, so I registered it.

User: Matthew Wilcox
Date: 2001-12-11 23:00:00
Body: The Debian apache maintainer fixed 4-5 more bugs, but didn't get round to doing an upload that incorporates them.