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Boulder Linux Users Group Chapter Page

Meeting Schedule

  • NOTE: we meed every thursday of the month EXCEPT the 2nd one
  • On those days:
    Dinner: 6pm at Southern Sun
    Meeting: 7pm at Caffe Sole
  • On the second thursday:
    Dinner: Panera Bread on the 19th St Mall
    Meeting: BLUG meeting


The Boulder chapter of Hacking Society would like to thank:
  • The meeting space has generously been offered by Caffe Sole.
  •, ltd. has donated the hosting and computer that runs this site.

Meeting Location

The meetings are held at Caffe sole in the table mesa shopping center at 637R South Broadway in Boulder, CO. Dinner before the meeting is at Southern Sun, 627 South Broadway in Boulder, CO.

Networking: 802.11b wireless is available at Caffe Sole. No wired ports are available at this time. can generate a passable map of this location. It's not super accurate, but this is close enough.